Inclement Weather Policy

RGC Inclement Weather Policy & Procedures

Adopted 8/24/2015

It seems that 2015 has been wrought with inclement weather on our golfing days. We have had everything from too cold to too hot to too wet to too dangerous (lightning). This document is intended to provide some guidance and policy to our members so that they will know what to expect on such days in particular. We will also address the event where the golfer discovers a conflict of schedule after signing up to play.


The Competition Committee will make the determination whether to play as scheduled or to cancel/postpone the outing. This decision will be made as soon as practicable on the day of play and communicated to all members via email. The absence of email notification means that play should continue as scheduled. Of course, last minute situations could exclude the above notification. All members should check their email prior to leaving home for the course.


Inclement Weather

  1. An assigned member of the Competition Committee will check with the course before leaving home on the day of play should any of the aforementioned weather conditions exist or be predicted during the hours of play. The following will be determined during that telephone call:
    1. Is the course still open?
    2. Is there a delay of starting times and, if so, an approximate length of this delay?
    3. Is the “cart path only” policy in effect?
    4. Any other conditions the group should be aware of, for example recent aeration we were not aware of ?
  2. Any results of this call which affects playing times/conditions for that outing will then be immediately communicated via email to all members.

Player Cancellation

Should a player need to cancel prior to the outing, he must call or email the Competition Committee member with whom he signed up that week by 6 PM on Thursday. If he has to cancel on the morning of play, he should follow this same procedure well ahead of time on golf day. If the message sent by the Competition Committee presents information which would cause the player to wish to cancel, an immediate cancellation should be communicated to the Competition Committee representative.